What Fung Lam can bring to the LED display market?
Fung Lam direction is that our client is pleasure they have already chosen Fung Lam as the most suitable LED display solution provider from the market. The direction is including several factors:
Professional suggestion
A on-site visit with client is always required by Fung Lam sale team so that we can understand more detail on the site limitation, client purpose and the expandability of the idea.
A great team to be collaboration and responsibility
To complete a LED display or lighting project, a lot of party needs to co-operate during a project. Fung Lam is a team with spirit of collaboration and responsibility to make the project running smoothly.
Professional in difference territory
Fung Lam's professional is including in LED and LED display technology, structure design & calculation, Information technology and Audio & Visual.
Reasonable & Competitive price
  • Highest quality, stable performance and long life span LED Display Product
  • Outstanding accessory equipment such as well-developed video processor, IT computing & software and audio equipment.
  • Effective response on customer service, maintenance service, problem solving and solution advice. Corresponding profession in Fung Lam is willing to undertake the response to serve our client at any time.
Responsible for undertaking the After-Sell service
  • Fung Lam is providing a comprehensive warranty service with a skilled and experienced maintenance team, every project with its own spare parts including LED module, LED display system and power transformer.
  • 16 hours customer hotline service.
  • Willing to extend a warranty service with a reasonable cost so that our product can extend its value to our client.
Innovation to LED Display market.
Fung Lam has its own engineer to innovate application to fulfill and stimulate to the need in the LED Display market.
The service or function on LED display includes:
2006 :Live information application
  • Live weather display system
  • Live or delay stock or forex display system
  • Live news display system
2007 : Centralized LED display content monitoring system
  • A monitoring application in Fung Lam office for monitoring the status of client's LED display server.
2009 & 2010: Interactive game with LED display
  • To design or program an interactive advertising software or game with making use of camera, microphone and LED display.
2011: Live hardware status announce system
  • Power transformer
    While a malfunction of any power transformer inside a LED display happen, the system will automatically send a announce email to relative technicians so as to speed up the recovery to the LED display.
Factory Production & Quality Control
Fung Lam has its own manufacturing facility that meets stringent quality control with state of advance technology. We have invested heavily in the latest equipment for its manufacturing facility.

Fung Lam is founded by a team with skilled and experienced engineers, who have dedicated themselves to research the LED display technology and establish our strict QC policy. After production is complete, our engineers thoroughly process our Quality Control procedure to examine each product to ensure that all the product pass our quality standard.